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Meet Dr. Peter Ladd

Dr. Peter Ladd grew up on a dairy farm in Palisade, Minnesota, and in 1996, he received a Bachelor of Science degree in Human Biology from Northwestern Health Sciences University in Bloomington, Minnesota, and received a Doctor of Chiropractic.

Peter's hobbies include traveling, hiking, and photography.   He is a board member of the Robert Street Business Association and resides in Eagan with his wife, Nora.  You can see what he's up to these days on his Instagram page.


A Holistic Approach to Medicine

Dr. Ladd believes that chiropractic is part of a holistic approach to medicine that is appropriate for people of all ages in a wide range of health conditions. Although other health care professionals refer patients to him often, he serves as the primary care physician for many patients. Peter's commitment to chiropractic medicine is a product of his own experience with an effective, drug-free course of treatment that yields immediate and lasting results for a variety of conditions including:


• Back Pain
• Neck Pain
• Athletic Injuries

• Migraines
• Foot Problems
• Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

• Headaches
• Auto Injuries
• Extremity Pain, including Rotator Cuff and Knee Injuries

Incorporating Physical Therapy and Acupuncture

Since pain is frequently the symptom of minor problems that go unresolved over a long time, Dr. Ladd incorporates an ongoing process of education into his treatment plan. Dr. Ladd is equipped to incorporate physical therapy and acupuncture into his treatment plan, and is one of the few local doctors licensed to practice acupuncture as a method of pain relief. He teaches a spinal care class and is available for in-depth consultation regarding:


• Exercise Instruction
• Ergonomic Advice (Home or Office)

• Posture Assessment and Recommendations

• Sleeping Habits and Conditions

Hands-on Experience

Dr. Ladd is an expert lecturer on health care and injury prevention for industry and commerce. He is also an instructor with Dakota County Community Education. He has continued his own education in the form of frequent professional classes and seminars, and a close working relationship with other health care professionals in the area. Dr. Ladd was formerly an associate with Brainerd Chiropractic and has practiced with Associated Chiropractic Physicians in Duluth, Minnesota.