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Patient Testimonials

"Great, friendly and professional chiropractor. I was bummed my previous chiropractor left to South Dakota and took a while to find a new one. I happened upon Dr. Ladd's office and have been happy with the entire staff. They are flexible, understanding, holistic, and down to earth. I gladly recommend this place!" - Renita E.

"Highly recommended. Great chiropractor and very supportive to the community" - Bruce

"I've been involved in two auto accidents within this past year. Dr. Ladd and his staff at Premier Health have been wonderful and very informative regarding the whole process of getting myself back to being well and healthy again. I love the homey feeling of this place and would highly recommend Premier Health Chiropractic in West St. Paul." - Google User

"Dr. Ladd was the first physician I saw following my auto accident. Scheduling was easy and the adjustments felt great. Over time, my pain faded and has not returned. I can't imagine what would have happened without the care. Dr. Ladd was one of the reasons I became a chiropractor, I can't think of a better way to stay healthy. Thanks Doc!" - Google User

"Exceeded my expectations in helping me to recover from injuries. Staff is friendly and knowledgeable." - Trevor

"Great place to go if you are looking for a doctor who actually cares about the wellness of his patients. Dr. Ladd and his staff have a great passion for what they do; they put the patients' needs first. I highly recommend this clinic!" - Delia

"Very friendly staff, clean clinic, and great place if you are looking for a doctor who actually cares! Fantastic Chiropractor!" - Bella

"I've been seeing Dr. Ladd for neck pain and headaches for the last month. It's making a BIG difference! If you're hurting, I suggest you call them. And the staff is great!" - Lisette

"Dr. Peter Ladd is very good. He is knowledgeable and is strong enough to do a proper adjustment. He has a secular approach that I find refreshing." - Boone

"I saw Dr. Ladd for a neck injury (I got whiplash from a car accident). When I started, I couldn't even turn my neck and was in a lot of pain. I am still seeing him when my neck pain flares up, and he helps a lot. If you are hurting, this is definitely the clinic to go to." - D

"Dr. Ladd is one of the most thorough chiropractors I have ever been too and seems to really care about my wellbeing. I would give him 5 stars." - Darrick